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The Earth

The earth

seen from Apollo 17 is an nice spherical thing,- if viewed from a big distance. The closer one come, the more recognize the fact, that it is no exact spere or other regular object ( the earth is nearly a biaxial ellipsoid ).
Therefore it is necessary to find exact matematical projections, if describe an exact position of the surface of the earth.
These projections are better approximations the smaller the region is defined, for which the projection is used.
To convert one of these points from one projection to another You have to transform this. For this the program (app) geotrafo® should be a little help.

Coordinate transformation

National Systems in Geotrafo On this Site You can find a program for converting coordinates between systems in many regions of europe and also all UTM zones (Universal Transverse Mercator) worldwide. A listing of the supported coordinate system You can find here. Moreover works the program everywhere in case of using special defined parameter settings ( e.g. EPSG-definitions ).

With the Freeware-Version 4.62 You can transform single Points or ASCII-Files. The Setup includes the real program and the manual.

An android app in the Google-Market is Cooco.
With it You can recalculate geographic coordinates from decimal degree
to degree - minutes - seconds, and vice versa. You can include GPS-coordinates and reprocess the values with use of the clipboard.
This app is available from here

System requirements

Geotrafo 4.62 runs under Windows 7,8,10 and XP (ServicePack 2) with installed .NET-Framework 4 or higher. If this is missing, an error in the installation procedure occurs.
The older version 4.26 ( with a reduced number of coordinate systems ) works also on Windows 98 und 95 ( not tested ) also under Linux ( e.g. Puppy-Slacko ), if the Emulator Wine is installed. For this version an installation is not necessary.