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The Earth

The earth

seen from Apollo 17 is an nice spherical thing,- if viewed from a big distance. The closer one come, the more recognize the fact, that it is no exact spere or other regular object (the earth is nearly a biaxial ellipsoid).
Therefore it is necessary to find exact matematical projections, if describe an exact position of the surface of the earth.
These projections are better approximations the smaller the region is defined, for which the projection is used.
To convert one of these points from one projection to another You have to transform this. For this the program/app's from Geotrafo should be a little help.

Coordinate transformation

On this Site you can find a program for converting coordinates between systems in many areas in Europe, as well as all UTM zones (Universal Transverse Mercator) worldwide. A listing of supported coordinate systems You can find here. Moreover works the program everywhere in case of using special defined parameter settings (e.g. EPSG-definitions).

Geotrafo win In the Windows actual version individual points or various files can be converted. The setup includes the executable program as well as the PDF description. System requirements: This 64bit version works under Windows 7 or higher, the component .NET 4 Framework or higher must be installed. The older version 4.62 is running under Windows XP and will be available in the download area some time.
ScreenShot_Geotrafo_Win NTv2 data (grid shift) can also be used for many countries. In addition, user specific transformation-sets can be defined with their own parameters.
Following file formats are usable within this software:
Text, Shape, MapInfo, Tsircad, GPX, KML

Additional an Android version is available in the store Google-Play (not available in all countries). In difference to the windows version grid shift (Ntv2) is not supported. On the other hand GPS-Satellite data is integrated (if GPS is available). You can calculate distances, show points on various Maps (via browser or offline), write data into a Log file or read it back and import/export GPX or Shape data files The currently supported coordinate systems may differ from the windows version. Please read the definitions on Google-Play.
Example of an OSM-zip-file for using as offline map: link

The actual version works on devices with Android version 7.0 up

Tsircad The Windows program Tsircad is a simple GIS or CAD system. It runs completely locally, the data storage takes place completely in the main memory. Database connection is not provided in the current version.
Shape data, ASCII files can be read and also data in the proprietary Tsircad format (.cir). Projects can be saved as a whole file as cir. Shape and ASCII files can be exported from one layer.

The description of the CIR format can be found here

The program offers possibilities for construction, digitization, attribute editing and search. Any number of layers can each contain different object types, which would be:
Point, Line, Polygon, Text and Symbol (P.L.O.T.S) A so-called "schema" contains the attribute definitions. Attributes always have text format and no fixed length. If enabled, the "Journal" provides the undo steps (not available for all functions). The setup includes the executable program as well as the description (PDF). Tsircad System requirements:
The 32-bit version works under Windows XP/Windows Server 2003 or higher.
The 64-bit version runs on 64-bit computers up from Windows 7 (SP 1) or Windows Server 2008 R2 (SP 1). The component .NET 4 Framework or higher must be installed in each case.

The program was tested with Windows XP, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

NEW! Here are some definitions for symbols to download