Privacy Notices


This website does not use cookies. There are no analyze tools such as Google Analytics or Hotjar in use. There are no links to external websites in the page view, the only external links are clickable via "External Links" and included no hidden links or evaluations.

When sending messages by mail form, only the completed input fields will be transmitted. A storage of its content by geotrafo e.U. takes place only if required by the facts.

Windows applications

All programs from geotrafo e.U. are free of advertising and external links to websites or servers. They are completely independent of an existing Internet connection.

There are no data about the user behavior - or similar - recorded and no data from other parts of the user's computer is collected.

Android apps

All Apps by geotrafo E.U. are free of advertising and external links to sites or servers. If a call to Google Maps is integrated, then are the privacy policy of Google valid.

With the apps no user data are collected, processed or forwarded. The necessary rights when installing apps are only for the expiration or providing the necessary functions.
With "purchase apps" only those data will be stored by geotrafo e.U., which are supplied by Google as part of the purchase process (Country, date of purchase, order, Android device type), but none personal data. These serve the purpose of tracing the case of complaints, ev. Questions, etc.

Changes of the Privacy Policy:
This Privacy Policy may be changed any time in accordance
with applicable data protection legislation.
It always applies at the time of your visit callable version.

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