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Geotrafo Pro is Shareware and can be tested for 30 days (nearly) without restrictions.
For unlimited using of Geotrafo Pro You will need the so called Auth code
which You can order on this site.

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Geotrafo Pro order formular for new customers

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After testing the Software in the 30 day trial phase

I will order following product:

48 €

The price contains the legal country specific value added tax (will be declared on the invoice).

With PayPal you will be redirected to a website where you can complete your order.

The order is processed by hand, which, depending on the date of the order/payment, can lead to processing times up to a few days. If your order is not processed after a few days, please contact .

The software remains owned by geotrafo e.U. until payment.

Place of performance and jurisdiction is the registered office of geotrafo e.U.

The entire contractual relationship is subject to Austrian law.

The application of the UN purchase law is excluded.

Privacy Policy: geotrafo e.U. is entitled to electronically transfer the data submitted to it by the Customer store and process it further. The data may be deleted at the customer's request, provided that no statutory storage obligations. geotrafo e.U. is entitled to receive customer data from the contractual documents or which are necessary for the execution of the contract, to third parties, in particular to credit institutions, freight forwarder and other contracting parties to the extent that this serves the order processing. The applicable provisions of data protection are respected by geotrafo e.U. .